15 Things you can do to improve your life

When we think about the lives of successful and happy people, we often wonder what they do differently from ordinary people to have this day. What do they think every day? What do they do?

Read and think about the following 15 points that may change your life for the better.

1. To defeat an enemy, you must study your enemy clearly.
2. To be successful, you have to create something new, not copy it.
3. If you dare to take risks, you will be able to succeed quickly
4. I haven’t tried it yet, how do you know you can’t do it?
5. Forgetting someone is not as easy as saying.
6. There is no cure for jealousy and greed
7. Walking alone is better than walking with people who hurt us or fail.
8. Life is always sad and happy together
9. Do not be discouraged as long as you have hope and strive for success can still happen
10. Most failure people always have an excuse.
11. Spending money on travel is not useless, it can make you know and understand more
12. Khanty is a Dharma that brings happiness
13. Garbage is sometimes more useful than the people around us
14. Learning is not sure to lead you to success, but successful people all learn
15. Want to lead yourself to use the brain to think.

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